Ammunition Disposal Equipment

Ammunition Disposal Equipment

Whilst many wars happened decades or centuries ago, we should not just view these conflicts of the past as interesting history.

To the ammunition disposal teams and demining crews worldwide, the remains of these conflicts still very much exist. Every day, they go to work to find the ground ammunition buried ages ago, inspect them, and safely dispose of them accordingly.

How many places today are safe and secure for the rest of us because these crews worked hard and risked their lives to make the lands free of ammunition? We might never know.

At Armtrac, we’re committed to reducing and eventually eliminating the risks of injuries and deaths involved in this daunting line of work so that more of the affected terrains can be safely returned for every day use and be free from unexploded ordnance.

Let’s have a look at two of our smartest ammunition disposal equipment machines that makes it possible for the disposal experts to work remotely:

Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot Mk2 – Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot is a whole package in one small piece of equipment. If your company’s budget only allows you to have one kind of disposal machine, it has to be this.

20T C-IED Robot packs a punch because it offers a list of features, making it ideal to use in unpredictable situations.

The highlight of this equipment is its customizable features, which will allow you to fit a variety of toolkits, you think are suitable for a specific site. For instance, you can attach a demining flail, or a tiller at the front. The machine can also have a rear robotic arm that can be customized with an assortment of attachments too.

This product is designed to keep extreme and volatile situations in mind. For instance, if the disposal team landed at a site with huge numbers of IEDs in the ground, they don’t have to risk getting physically involved. They need remote-controlled equipment that will allow them to be there without actually being there. Additionally, they’d require something reliable that wouldn’t run out of fuel in the middle of a field. This robot is fitted with a 74 HP diesel water-cooled Kohler engine that allows it to stay on the job for several hours.

Armtrac 400

When dealing with mined areas that were designed to stop tanks from operating, you need highly reliable and robust equipment.

Armtrac 400 is that ammunition disposal equipment that you can trust to destroy and withstand even a 10kg anti-tank mine. The hydraulically driven 3meter tiller rotor makes it the most powerful remote-controlled ammunition disposal equipment in our collection.

Being huge and strong doesn’t mean it is slow. This Armtrac 400 can clear up to 2400 square meters per hour.

The operator can run this beast from a safe 800 meters distance and still have full control of the vehicle and the situation. When fitted with an armoured cabin for direct control, the  Armtrac 400 gives a bird’s eye view to the operator, and if they prefer an even clearer sight, we can provide a scissor-lift cab mounting for shock absorption and a crisp view of the ground.


At Armtrac, we design and manufacture equipment for all types of ammunition disposal and different terrains. Also to stay a step ahead, we make sure our demining equipment has the features to deal with unpredictable situations and still do its job even in an extremely volatile environment. While providing high-end machines, we make sure they also remain cost-effective so that everyone can take advantage of our life-saving products.