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mine clearance equipment in the UK

Mine Roller for UXO Disposal

Mechanical demining is an integral component of humanitarian mine action. At Armtrac that’s exactly what we believe and also exactly what we design and manufacture too. Mechanical Demining Equipment. What kinds of mechanical Demining Equipment are there? There are many different types of mechanical Demining Equipment available, but in this article we will focus our…
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Armtrac – Not just for Mine Clearance

Mine Clearance at Armtrac Armtrac are leading the way with remotely operated mine action machinery, but did you know the machinery we design and manufacture here in the UK has multiple uses that are not just for mine disposal? Our machinery has so many different attachments that they can be used in C-IED, EOD,heavy engineering/construction…
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The need for landmine clearance equipment in the modern world

The History of the World at War was in the news recently as the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme was commemorated on the 15th September 2016. The news item told us that a top secret area in Suffolk was used as a tank training ground. You can see the full article on…
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How Armtrac Ltd Helps In the Disposal of Landmines

Why use landmine clearing equipment? Let's look at the bigger picture. What Is A Landmine? A landmine is an explosive device which is emplaced either on the surface or just underneath the surface of the ground to kill, destroy, or incapacitate enemy personnel and/or equipment. It is typically triggered when pressure is applied to it by…
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