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Armtrac Limited is a privately owned explosive ordnance disposal company. We manufacture and also offer training for demining equipment.

Armtrac Participating at EDEX 2018 (3rd – 5th December)

Armtrac will be visiting EDEX 2018 from the 3rd of December until the 5th of December. Click here for more information on our EDEX visit.
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Mine Clearance Equipment in Mine Action – Zimbabwe

For thousands of people in Zimbabwe, a common sight is a sign that reads ‘beware of the landmines’ which are posted close to their homes.  These landmines are a leftover from the Liberation War which took place in the 1970’s and saw thousands of kilometres of landmines laid along the border with Mozambique and Zambia.…
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How the Demining Process Works with Landmines

Landmines are a huge problem in many areas of the world. There are thought to be tens of millions of landmines hidden beneath the ground, which are a lethal legacy from past wars and conflicts and are now potentially liable to catch the unwary and cause crippling injuries or death. The demining process is one…
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How Munition Disposal Companies Work

Munition disposal companies mainly deal with the safe removal and disposal of explosive devices such as landmines, unexploded ordnance and buried ammunition stockpiles that pose a potential threat to life. Most specialist companies use a wide variety of ground clearance methods to actively demine an area of land that is needed to be cleared and…
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