The Benefits of a Remote Controlled Demining Machine

The Benefits of a Remote Controlled Demining Machine

Landmines are still prevalent in today’s society and are a large cause of civilian deaths across the globe. They can be detonated any time after they have been laid, whether that is 10 minutes, or 10 years afterwards and they are still just as dangerous, due to them being hidden they are very often not noticed.

The method of disposing of the landmines can also be quite dangerous for humans if they physically travel across the area themselves, this is why a remote controlled demining machine is a much safer and more efficient method of unexploded ordnance disposal.

The use of a remote controlled demining machine offers a real time control of the demining equipment allowing the person operating it to control the demining machine from a distance, whether that be from a mounted position or a dismounted stand off position, wherever it may be the individual can be assured they are safe from any possible harm. Demining Robots can also be fitted with a video and communication system so that those controlling the demining robot can see exactly where the robot is and can therefore make decisions on the route of the robot.

The remote controlled demining machines that Armtrac manufactures also offer a portable, real time x-ray system. This allows the demining machine to examine the insides of vehicles and therefore are able to identify a potential threat whilst all human life is at a safe distance from threat.

Remote controlled demining machines improve the efficiency of both manual and canine clearance and offer no threat to life. Therefore the use of remote controlled demining machinery enhances mine andunexploded ordnance clearance options.

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