Armtrac Ammunition Disposal Machinery and Vehicles

Armtrac Ammunition Disposal Machinery and Vehicles

It can come as no surprise to know that when it comes to the redevelopment of former military-owned or occupied land, or areas of land that has seen former conflict, their redevelopment comes with some risks.

These areas may well have housed various weaponry, ammunition, and explosive devices used for many decades before the land was reclaimed for public or community use.

Following World War 2 and other major conflicts around the world, there were critical issues to resolve with the disposal of weapons and ammunition. This resulted in a lot of weapons, ammunition and explosive devices being abandoned or dumped in or on the formerly occupied ground.

While a lot of old ammunitions were cleared from the ground following occupation, it was inevitable that some were missed or simply forgotten about. For example, there are thought to be tens of millions of landmines still hidden beneath the ground, which are a lethal legacy from past wars and conflicts.

Even today in the 21st Century there are only around ten nations in the world that have never been involved in armed conflict within their own borders, and this is why it is so important to have a strategy in place for safe ammunition disposal when reclaiming land in an area of former conflict.

Due diligence practices

Because there are still landmines, explosive devices and ammunition caches that remain scattered throughout the world, and the devastation caused by their accidental discovery is still being felt in communities around the world, due diligence must be carried out on former conflict land.

As part of due diligence practices, returning former conflict land to public or community use must be thoroughly surveyed and risk assessed due to the possibility there is the presence of old ammunition and explosive materials in the ground that pose a risk to human health and safety.

These due diligence procedures involve conducting Non-Technical and Technical Survey followed by ground search and clearance of the affected area. Following clearance, Quality Control checks are conducted in accordance with International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and a certificate is signed by both the Land Release Contractor and the Quality Management contractor stating that the risk is as low and reasonably practical (ALARP)  before anyone can take safe possession of the land.

However, there is always a risk that some old ammunitions could be discovered while the ground is being excavated for redevelopment and reuse particularly if excavation is anticipated below the level of the contracted depth clearance.

Landmines and other explosive devices are still very much present in today’s society and are still responsible for a large amount of life-changing civilian injuries and deaths across the world.

Land mines, for example, can remain live for many years and can be activated at any time after they have been set into the ground, meaning they could be just as dangerous today as the day they were positioned.

Specialised ammunition disposal machinery

Where there may be a recognised risk of injury or death from performing a manual sweep of the area for unexploded land mines and hidden unstable ammunitions, it makes sense to call on the help of Armtrac with our range of ammunition disposal vehicles and tools that are specifically designed and manufactured to mitigate the risks posed in Technical Survey or mine clearance.  This process is known as demining.

Demining is the process of removing and neutralising active landmines that have been placed on the surface or have been buried out of sight beneath the ground.

Using the Armtrac range of ground clearance vehicles and tools will greatly assist with the safe disposal of unexploded devices and unstable munitions that may have suffered years of degradation.

Should civilians discover munitions or explosive devices on post-conflict land, they shouldn't be touched or moved, especially if you suspect they have been on-site for many years and their condition has degraded over time, making them very unstable.

Ammunition disposal tools from Armtrac

Armtrac provides a wide range of ammunition disposal equipment which can assist in the safe survey and clearance of land including a range of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs).

UGVs are vehicles that operate without the immediate presence of a human driver; the remote control aspect of UGVs keeps people out of potentially life-threatening situations where there is a risk posed from munitions and explosive devices.

Our land clearance tools, such as the Armtrac Sifter, can be fitted to either our Armtrac 400, 100-350 and the Armtrac 75T-230, and acts to sift topsoil, bringing any UXO to the surface for safe collection and disposal reducing risk to human life leaving the land clear of UXO and metal fragments.

By using Armtrac ground clearance vehicles, you will have the capacity to neutralise and safely dispose of ammunition and explosive devices uncovered during your land clearance and redevelopment procedures.

All Armtrac vehicles and equipment comes with a 12-month warranty with Factory follow- up. We also supply a 12 months spares package to provide you with normal first-line replacement parts. It is easy to get replacement components worldwide so you will never be left waiting long for specialist parts to arrive.

Manuals and documentation in English are part of the purchase package and supplied free of charge. All documentation is normally supplied in English but we can get them translated into any language at a charge. We offer comprehensive training courses free of charge from our Head Office to show machine operators how to use the vehicles and attach toolkits and replacement parts.

We also offer training in-country which is normally negotiated and provided as part of the equipment quotation.

Do not hesitate to contact us or call our team today on 01638 743979 for help and advice about our ammunition disposal and ground clearance vehicles and tool kits