Ammunition Disposal Companies

Ammunition Disposal Companies

Here at ArmtracLtd we are always on hand to offer any help and advice about the best demining machinery and munition disposal equipment to use for your task at hand, however we also offer a full package of services and support meaning you can get all the equipment and advice you need under one roof.


Field Support

• All of the new equipment we offer comes with a 12 month warranty and a factory follow up giving you added peace of mind about your machinery.
• Our demining machinery will also come with a spare parts package configured to your requirements so your machinery can have parts replaced quickly and easily if needed.
• You will receive manuals and documentation in English for your machinery at no extra charge meaning you don’t have to worry about the added stress of figuring out how to operate your machinery. If these require translation, this can be negotiated.
• We also offer the opportunity for you to feedback to us about the experience you have had with our machinery, which gives us the chance to improve and reflect on the equipment we offer.


• We recommend that your machine is maintained by either an operator or a mechanic, who can be trained by us to ensure that they know what elements to check.
• We also recommend that you should have regular servicing as well, however this can differ between machines so please get in touch with us if you are unsure when to do this.


• We offer training free of charge at our head office. The length of the courses are dependent on the type of machine you have, how complex it is to operate and the level of your operators’ experience.

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