What Are Ammunition Disposal Companies?

What Are Ammunition Disposal Companies?

Ammunition disposal companies are companies who specialise in safely disposing of unexploded ordnance. They use a variety of state-of-the-art machinery and tools in order to safely locate and dispose of hazardous ordnance.

One of the tools that ammunition disposal companies can use are unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). UGVs are vehicles that operate without the immediate presence of a human driver; the remote control aspect of UGVs keeps people out of potentially life-threatening situations.

UGVs are used in a variety of situations. They can be effectively utilised in current conflict zones in order to search for and disarm live bombs and other fatal weapons. They are also used in post-conflict areas to discover and disarm bombs or landmines that were dropped or planted during conflict, and which present an unknown threat to civilians.

Armtrac is a design and manufacturing company of directly and remotely mine action machinery and are based in Cambridgeshire. In addition to manufacturing UGVs for conflict zones, its UGVs can also used in many different industries. They can be used by miners, firefighters, workers in nuclear and chemical industries, and also have many other potential applications of use. UGVs protect workers in many different industries by safely performing tasks that could be dangerous or even fatal to humans.

In addition to UGVs, Armtrac also produce devices like the mine roller. Mine rollers attach to the front of tanks or other armoured vehicles, such as their own Armtrac 100-350, and are used in situations where humans are driving tanks or other armored vehicles and are aware of a possibility – but not a probability – of victim-activated devices. They create pressure on the ground in front of the vehicle to safely detonate any explosives in advance of the human crew.

Ammunition disposal companies provide a necessary service in conflict zones, post-conflict zones, and dangerous industries. They have a variety of tools at their disposal to provide greater safety to human soldiers and workers.

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