What are UXO and Ammunition Disposal Companies?

What are UXO and Ammunition Disposal Companies?

Unexploded ordnance (UXO) and munition/ammunition disposal companies ensure that the threat is reduced to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) by conducting land release operations. These disposal companies use a combination of demining techniques including the use of heavily armoured machines to operate in locations that may be contaminated by ammunition/munitions and unexploded ordnance, including landmines, and dispose of any possible threats. However, they are most commonly used in locations that have previously experienced war and conflict using ammunition and explosives that may have been lying dormant.

Who are Armtrac?

Armtrac are UXO and ammunition disposal equipment manufacturing company based in the UK with a range of different services and products to suit each individual need and can cater for a range of different threats and terrain.

Our Armtrac range of machines are used all across the world by armies as well as countries at risk of unexploded ordnance. Currently we have a contract with the French MOD to provide machinery for the French Army Engineers to conduct contingency operations worldwide.  Our variety of machines consist of many different sizes and vary between remote controlled unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) and vehicles that can be directly controlled by an on-board operator inside an armoured cabin.

Some points that make Armtrac stand out from other UXO and ammunition disposal manufacturing companies are:

  • We have the ability to mount a range of demining, explosive ordnance disposal and construction toolkits to the same platform which results in better value for money.
  • Our aim is to satisfy the demands of our consumers by making sure we have the right equipment to do the right tasks for a fair price.
  • All of our machines are put through a thorough test and inspection during their manufacture to make sure each product meets our high standards before it leaves the factory.
  • We carry out audits and reviews of our quality system to ensure our system is working efficiently and effectively. We also use a formal non-conformance system to respond and identify any problems that may occur with our machinery. We will address the immediate situation and then carry out preventative action to make sure the same problem does not occur again.
  • In addition to our own training and qualifications, we also offer continuation training so that you can ensure you are using the equipment correctly.
  • Where there are multiple machines in a fleet, Armtrac can supply a mechanic and workshop to support the machinery for servicing and maintenance.

For more information about UXO and ammunition disposal companies and how Armtrac may be able to help you, visit https://armtrac.net/ or call us on 01638 743979.